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meet the collective

Team of Creatives & Agencies Behind The Well

Diana Paez The Well

diana paez

Founder, Lead Designer & Creative Director 

Diana Paez is an Ecuadorian-American artist with a professional background in advertising and multimedia. She discovered her higher calling after fleeing the corporate matrix to independently explore cosmology, psychology, and philosophy. In 2015, she merged these studies with her design skills to birth The Well and bring her passionate vision to life: Redefining The Art of Branding to aesthetically supercharge the work of heart-centered leaders.

In both her work and life path, Diana studies patterns and how they relate to the whole picture. Within the framework of Numerology, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, and Astrology (Western, Esoteric, and Mayan), she weaves archetypal patterns intuitively and practically to form unique, precision-based aesthetics for wisdom-based brands.

She also teaches how to creatively integrate these systems for self-knowledge, brand development and inspiration through her workshops ‘Know Thyself’. Diana is also co-founder of two product businesses: WARMI and SmartKlean. 


christian mauerer

Lead Web Developer &  Web Designer 

Christian is a German-American digital Jedi of web development and design. With full heart and soul, Christian and his team over at Love Pixel Agency have developed exquisite websites for high-level influencers, organizations and heart-centered entrepreneurs that span all over the world. Christian’s masterful skills are most noticeable in Wordpress, HTML, and CSS3.

His specialization goes beyond web development and into the marketing world of  funnel design, SEO, speed optimization and content creation. Whether clients need a Personal Website, Author/Book Launch Page, Online Shop, Membership Platform or Online Course Platform – Christian and his team are ideal for the job. Joining forces with The Well’s branding techniques, they’re both creating stunning and high-converting online presences for those illuminating consciousness in the world.


denyss carmona

Designer & Web Developer

Denyss is a Colombian-American gifted visual artist, designer, educator and web developer. She carries a deep love and devotion towards ancestral knowledge and the intercultural exchange between the modern world and indigenous cultures. Her professional background is in Art Direction and Design, and she is proficient in Wordpress. She is the founder of Goddess Portal Magazine and a 501(c3) fundraiser platform for natural resource conservation and environmental developments. Joining forces with The Well, she produces stunning art and strong brand cohesiveness for heart-centered entrepreneurs starting their journey of creating their online presence. 


kimberlee ann gorgo

Web Developer & Copywriter

Kim is the founder of Lead As Love, a specialized web development agency dedicated to those following their passion & purpose. Her and her team at Lead as Love weave high-frequency online presences that incorporate love as the main guiding principle. Kim and her team specialize in membership, e-commerce and social networking sites and love supporting clients through tech support and regular website maintenance. Kim and Diana have joined forces in cross pollinating their  skills, talents and resources to create love-infused online presences for those illuminating consciousness in the world.


kelly bateson

Strategy & Marketing Specialist

Kelly Bateson Media is a values driven, boutique social media agency with a big heart. Kelly is passionate about empowering companies who are looking to support the evolution of consciousness and entrepreneurs who are deeply devoted to their path of sacred service. Kelly and Diana have joined forces in utilizing their full creative genius solely for projects that are ushering in a renaissance of healing arts and transformation.

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