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Logo & Typography design

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Talisman Showcase
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branding & website design

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The vision for my personal brand was to create something outside the box, something very different than anything I've seen before. I had a good idea of what direction I wanted it to take and The Well ran with that to a level that far exceeded my expectations." 

laura dawn | Author, Keynote Speaker & Host of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast

Branding & Website Design


The Well brings a profound synergy of expertise, expression & eloquence to distill the essence of someone's vision into a communicative brand. my experience has always been highly professional, connected and deeply rewarding; always landing what I had hoped to achieve in ways that exceeded my expectations. 

luke kohen | Heartist, Speaker, Mentor,
& Ecopreneur

Branding & Website Design

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The Well blew me away with their creative branding genius and I am in awe of the final product. Diana intuitively captured the essence of me and my work, then translated it beautifully and brilliantly into a unique expression of personal branding. My expectations were far exceeded. 

celeste palmer | Ceremonialist & Integration Coach & Mentor

Branding + Website Design


Working with The Well for the rebranding of my site was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my business. Diana tapped into my inner desires with uncanny intuition. She was able to express who I was at heart and soul, and that went far beyond putting together design ideas.

monika carless | Author & Mentor

Branding & Website Design

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It was a great honour and joy to work with The Well. Diana is a new earth visionary who delivers in a most professional and timely way! She perfectly expressed our vibrational essence. Our hopes were far exceeded and we are so happy with the results!

darcy & robin | Co-founders of Visionary Hearts & Star River Sanctuary

Branding & Website Design


The Well managed to encapsulate my vision into a  weaving of artistry and symbolism to create a really beautiful brand identity and website.  The whole process of working together was seamless and intuitive. I would highly recommend working with them. 

niki shefras | Founder of The Vida Sana

Branding & Website Design + Development

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How we capture your vibrational signature:

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