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the method & alchemy

our specialized branding technique



Your life work & path: a ‘verse’ in universe.

Think of your brand message like a song founded on the “I AM” melody you carry and the verse – the poetic lines of your mission.

Both of these can only come from the raw essence of your being. Our philosophy is to create a visual symphony out of
your unique
melody and verse. 

The more this symphony resonates with your true essence (your melody), the more your message (verse) penetrates into the heart & soul of your visitors. 

By revealing the vibrational signature of your brand

& using it as a fundamental design guide, we produce a masterful visual symphony.

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our method

& fundamental approach

In order to create a precison-based brand symphony, we draw from your vision and combine it with your personal vibration using the knowledge and wisdom of Astrology – the doctrine of the cosmos and our relationship to it, as a guide to know and understand your essence more deeply.

Using various ancient systems rooted in Cosmology (
Numerology, Tarot, Sacred Geometry) – we uncover your essence and the power you wield based on pure principles of creation like the natural elements, shapes, colors, geometries and archetypal symbols – all relative to you and your brand message.

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the foundation of our

branding process

Your Talisman

sets the Visual Foundation of Your Brand:

a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol from Ancient Greek λόγος (lógos) 'word, speech'.

any object ascribed with religious or magical powers from the verb teleō (τελέω), "I complete, perform a rite or act".

Looking at the root of the word ‘logo’ within the context of our work together – it is a symbol of  your word, your sound – your melody. We take it a quantum step further and blend it with your brand message  – your verse – creating a ‘Talisman’– as the ‘act’ of your word.

This is our sacred practice of personalized, intentional symbology.

Combining your personal and business Numerology, Tarot Archetypes, and corresponding Sacred Geometry codes into your Talisman, we set the visual foundation and philosophy for your entire brand aesthetic.

Work Method_Graphic2.png

PHASE 1 | concept

Energetic Blueprint > Talisman Concept > Moodboard

first, we develop your energetic blueprint based on the answers to a branding assessment form you will fill out including your birth name, birth date, and brand name.

Your Energetic Blueprint is a written report of your energetic qualities distilled into an aesthetic and philosophical concept for your Talisman design. It will contain:

• Your Energetic Profile.
• Your Brand Profile {assessment answers}
• Written Symbology and Philosophy for the Talisman Design {guided by symbols, patterns, and synchronicities found between your energy chart and brand profile.}
• Visual Board of Ideas

Work Method Note_Graphic-a.png

‘Phase 1’ is key to co-create efficiently & avoid any ‘guess-work’. This positions us on the same page intentionally & directionally at all times before executing any design – saving a great deal of energy spent on revisions.

WorkMethod_Blank Bkg.jpg

PHASE 2 | design

Talisman Design > Typographic Design

With the completion of your Talisman design, we move forward with Typeface Design, Color Palette and any applicable variations.

The Talisman is typically designed in ‘vector’ format: a perfect, lossless quality – meaning any particular element of the image could be scaled to any size without pixelating or losing quality. This adds much flexibility to our creative work and is the ideal format for clean printing at any size.

PHASE 3 | materials

Branding Essentials > Website Design

Once your full Talisman Logo is complete, setting the visual foundation of your brand, the rest of the Branding Essentials are developed. If applicable, we then move into Website Design & Development.

Note: Talisman and Branding Essentials are two separate services. You can apply for a Talisman project as an individual service, but for certain packages (Tier 1), due to our specialized technique, we don’t offer a Branding Essentials project without the Talisman service included.


PHASE 4 | marketing

Branded Website & Materials > Marketing

Once your branding kit & website is fully developed and launched, you can apply for a free strategy call with our marketing team. This phase develops and executes custom digital marketing strategies to help you capture, nurture, and close new clients to increase revenue in your business.

more details on branding, website design, & marketing:

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